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Stove Top Stills

Stills -- plans and/or units

Amazing Still – Low-grade alcohol from inexpensive, plastic still; can be used to pre-distill for table-top still

Amphora Society – Excellent information; two still models

***Home Distillation of Alcohol ("") – Plans and information

Brew Haus
Information, parts, instruments, biologicals, packing, several still models
"The largest and most experienced manufacturer of moonshine stills and home distilling equipment and supplies in North America."

Doubloon Bay – Stills & plans - NZ

EasyStill – plastic

Ferromit – Stills & plans - NZ

FuelDistillation.Com – Plans and stills

Home Distiller – Gert Strand shop

Mile Hi Distilling – Stills, biologicals, parts, packing, biologicals, instruments

Moonshine Still USA –Stills, biologicals, widest assortment of parts, packing, biologicals, instruments, automatic valves

More Beer

Olympic Distillers

Rainier Distillers – Stills & kits (2" - 4"), parts, packing

Smiley's Home Distilling – Parts, packing, stills
"We have spent many years adapting commercial and laboratory distillation processes to small-scale inexpensive home operations."