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Allard Research
"The Allard distributed fuel production model overcomes all of the issues facing large-scale refineries by creating numerous smaller-scale plants that are not dependent on significant infrastructure, nor are their locations relegated to geographic locations confined to corn or even cropland proximity." Fully automated.

Artisan Resources
Controls systems

Blume Distillation
"Provides turnkey, appropriate-scale alcohol-fuel production systems for commercial applications in dynamic new markets."
At present has not competled anything

Copper Moonshine Stills – Arkansas

Diversified Ethanol  – Floyd Buterfield

Revenoor – Column-on-boiler stills, systems, coils; includes large systems. Simple Sour Mash to Simple Alcohol Fuel

Vendome Copper & Brass Works
"A major supplier of equipment used in the distillation of industrial and power alcohol. Our complete line of equipment ranges from cookers to stills to large field fabricated storage tanks. Offers a single source for the design, fabrication and installation of distillation systems."