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"It all begins with producing beer or wine – technical terms for the products of fermenting grains or fruits.
Start with your local Yellow Pages."

*Brew Haus – Moonshine Still, Turbo Yeast, Distillers Yeast & Home Distilling Supplies
“They are quick and courteous. They ship UPS or USPS if the rate is cheaper. They accept credit card and other online payment methods. They are informative as to your order. You get a confirmation by email when it is recieved, when it is filled by warehouse people, when it is shipped, and also the UPS shipping confirmation and tracking service. I am happy with them. I have bought malted grains, regular grains, (they grind and crack for free) gypsum, acids, PH papers, enzymes, glass test equipment, fermenting buckets (from 5 to 50 gallon), corks, rubber stoppers, airlocks ..... ect ect they also have a large selection of downloadable brewing and fermenting software. much more there than I can list here in a few words. They have a "specials" section. You can search the site for what you need if you cant locate it thru their drop down menus” []

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Northern Brewer – "The Original Homebrew Outlet" "Highly regarded" for knowledge & customer service

*Smiley's Home Distilling
"Specializes in home-distilling books, equipment, supplies and expertise. We have extensive experience in all-grain brewing and home winemaking, which has led to our research in home-distilling.
"We have spent many years adapting commercial and laboratory distillation processes to small-scale inexpensive home operations. Each book and each apparatus featured on Smiley's Home Distilling is architected around advanced scientific principles."