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Vendors of Equipment and Supplies to Produce and Use Ethanol


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Biologicals - yeast & enzymes
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Hardware, Parts & Supplies
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Stills -- plans and/or units

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Amphora Society – Excellent information; two still models

American Still Company (copper)

***Home Distillation of Alcohol ("") – Plans and information

Brew Haus – Information, parts, instruments, biologicals, packing, several still models
"The largest and most experienced manufacturer of moonshine stills and home distilling equipment and supplies in North America."

Doubloon Bay – Stills & plans - NZ

Ferromit – Stills & plans - NZ

FuelDistillation.Com – Plans and stills

Mile Hi Distilling – Stills, biologicals, parts, packing, biologicals, instruments

Moonshine Still USA –Stills, biologicals, widest assortment of parts, packing, biologicals, instruments, automatic valves

Rainier Distillers – Stills & kits (2" - 4"), parts, packing

Smiley's Home Distilling – Parts, packing, stills
"We have spent many years adapting commercial and laboratory distillation processes to small-scale inexpensive home operations."

Amazing Still – Low-grade alcohol from inexpensive, plastic still; can be used to pre-distill for table-top still

Home fuel size

FuelDistillation.Com – Plans and stills

Mile Hi Distilling – Stills, biologicals, parts, packing, biologicals, instruments

From MileHi Distilling: [Editor's note: This is likely the most widely used "home fuel size" still in the world]

Charles 803 Blueprint photo
Fore more information on Robert Warren's still, please visit this site. (When prompted for user name and password, please select 'cancel'. It'll still take you to that page.)

Building and Ethanol Still & Making Your Own Fuel by Robert Warren


Rainier Distillers – Stills & kits (2" - 4"), parts, packing

Revenoor – Column-on-boiler stills, systems, coils; includes large systems. Simple Sour Mash to Simple Alcohol Fuel

Smiley's Home Distilling – 3" Essential Extractor PSII High Capacity


E-Fuel MicroFueler 

Farm / community size

Allard Research
"The Allard distributed fuel production model overcomes all of the issues facing large-scale refineries by creating numerous smaller-scale plants that are not dependent on significant infrastructure, nor are their locations relegated to geographic locations confined to corn or even cropland proximity." Fully automated.

Blume Distillation
"Provides turnkey, appropriate-scale alcohol-fuel production systems for commercial applications in dynamic new markets."

Vendome Copper & Brass Works
"A major supplier of equipment used in the distillation of industrial and power alcohol. Our complete line of equipment ranges from cookers to stills to large field fabricated storage tanks.
Offers a single source for the design, fabrication and installation of distillation systems."

Biologicals – yeast and enzymes

(See also under Stills)

Distillery Yeast – Turbo yeasts by Gert Strand, the original

Eagle Yeast – American-grown ethanol yeasts

Sustainable Technology Systems
"Offering a safety net to small and midsized bioenergy producers. The target audience starts with communities and farms and then offers individual producers an open door to economical fuel production products."

Turbo Yeast – "Everything You'll ever need to know about TURBOYEAST."

Instruments – Meters & monitors

Hanna Instruments – Ph meters, thermometers etc

Omega – Controllers and sensors

Alcohol fuel drying

Delta Adsorbents


Packing (See also under "Stills")

Rashig rings

"Where you find information about Rashig rings and other column fillings for home distillation. The danger of using scrub pads in the column - nobody else tells it."

Other Hardware, Parts & Materials

* Brewers Hardware – Offers a variety unique and hard to find items to the home and craft brewing markets.

Corner Hardware – Misc. + stainless steel

Eagle Stainless Containers – S.S. boilers etc, "expensive but good quality"

FarmTek – Tanks, pumps, etc etc

Graingers – Tanks, pumps, motors, controls, electrical, etc.

Growers Supply – (div FarmTek)

Harbor Freight – tools

J.C. Whitney Automotive Supply – tools

McMaster-Carr – All sorts of small and large parts, equipment and materials, available in small-to-large quantities. Fairly expensive but fair – IMHO. I've dealt with them a lot. Superb service.
"Supplier to industrial and commercial facilities worldwide, specializing in next day delivery of Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) materials and supplies."

Northern Brewer – Weldless valve kits & much more

Northern Tool & Equipment – Pumps, tools, material handling, supplies

Rainier Distillers – Stills & kits (2" - 4"), parts

Rashig rings
Information about Rashig rings and other column fillings for home distillation. The danger of using scrub pads in the column - nobody else tells it.

Revenoor – Accessory parts for larger systems

Rio Grande – Silver solder & flux

ThomasNet – Industrial directory; adsorbents, tanks, etc.

The Vinter's Vault 

Yankee Containers – Drums, buckets, barrels & bottles; $100 min.

Juicers & presses

SugarCane Machine – Manual & powered sugar cane juicers

TäbyPressen – Oil presses [dist. NYC– rentals?]

Vencedora Maqtron – Presses

Vincent Corporation – Dewatering, screw presses [rentals also – FL]


Sabco – see & Brew-Magic


Skolnik – Drums and barrels, including salvage


Second-hand equipment

Beverage and Brewing Consulting



Maas Companies  (industrial)

Online Distillery Network – 

Stainless Process Equipment – Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (near Buffalo)

Ullmers Dairy Equipment – Used dairy equip
   Fittings (as available)

Universal Industrial Assets - Louisiana

Universal Process Equipment – NJ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
"Evaporators, milling, mixers, fermenters, filtration, heat exchangers, tanks, generators, centrifuges, chillers, compressors, dryers, boilers, pulverizers."

The Vinter's Vault


"It all begins with producing beer or wine – technical terms for the products of fermenting grains or fruits.
Start with your local Yellow Pages."

*Brew Haus – Moonshine Still, Turbo Yeast, Distillers Yeast & Home Distilling Supplies

More Beer

Northern Brewer – "The Original Homebrew Outlet" "Highly regarded" for knowledge & customer service

*Smiley's Home Distilling
"Specializes in home-distilling books, equipment, supplies and expertise. We have extensive experience in all-grain brewing and home winemaking, which has led to our research in home-distilling.
"We have spent many years adapting commercial and laboratory distillation processes to small-scale inexpensive home operations. Each book and each apparatus featured on Smiley's Home Distilling is architected around advanced scientific principles."


American Science and Surplus – All kinds of inexpensive lab ware, pumps, parts, materials, etc.

Brooklyn Thermometer – Digital & glass thermometers

Indigo Instruments – Lab glassware



   Intertek ASTM Ethanol Fuel Testing – ASTM ethanol fuel and E85 laboratory testing services.

   Midwest Laboratories – Testing services for ethanol fuel, E85 and CARB requirements.

Automotive conversions

Jonny Energy – E85 Flex Fuel upgrades; EPA approved; $1,300 - limited vehicles

Unichip – is here to allow YOU to build your own system from scratch with NO restrictions. It's here to facilitate a healthy, open, honest community where everyone benefits equally.

Jonny Energy – E85 Flex Fuel Upgrades; EPA approved; $1,300 - limited vehicles – Tuning solutions for the modern gearhead