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From Fuel Freedom

In the ongoing debate of how to best reduce dependence on foreign oil, a number of misconceptions have gotten in the way of curing our national addiction. These popular "myths" can solidify into opposing views that prevent us from arriving at a reasonable consensus. Here we provide contrary perspectives on some of the most common myths, in order to find a common ground where all Americans can work together to replace foreign oil with cheaper, cleaner American-made fuels.

Food vs. Fuel Debate:

Myth: Corn ethanol reduces the human food supply of corn
Myth: Corn ethanol increases food prices

Drill, Baby, Drill:

Myth: Increased drilling will bring down prices
Myth: Drilling from U.S. domestic sources can meet all of our oil needs

Environmental and Economic Impacts:

Myth: Biofuels are the cause of deforestation in emerging economies such as Brazil and Indonesia
Myth: High oil prices are good for the environment
Myth:  Coal is the worst fossil fuel for the economy and the environment 

The Solution to Oil Addiction:

Myth: Solar, wind and/or nuclear can solve the "energy problem"
Myth: Electric cars alone can replace oil 
Myth: Higher corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards alone can get us off oil

Impacts of Fuel On My Engine:

Myth: 15% ethanol fuel will destroy my engine

Effects On the Fuel Market:

MythIf solutions were really available today, the market would have already figured it out
yth: Encouraging replacement fuels means forcing automakers to manufacture something Americans are not asking for

Source: Fill Your Tank With Freedom